Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Every so often my man hooks me with some primo herbs. The problem is that having primo herbs brings out the joneser in me. Now that I'm back at work it's like having wrapped presents that you can't open,...yet. All day I'm thinking about the herb. I check the time at work, just briefly and boom it's 4:20 or I decide to play my yahoo radio and boom it's Bob Marley calling me out, I drive home and boom I feel like the only one who truly appreciates the smell of the skunk which was run over. I get home and I swear I can smell it tucked away in a glass jar with a sock over it, in my dresser drawer, with the door closed. When I finally get a chance, I realize it's not the high but rather the smell and flavor of the herb which I like so much,...but after contemplating that thought for 30 minutes I realize that perhaps, the high is there too.


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