Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jack Johnson

So I take the whole family to see Jack Johnson. He's cool but certainly more of a favorite with my wife and kids. In fact our kids sing his songs and play their ukeleles, they know more of his lyrics than I do. I made a DVD of our kids singing Jack Johnson songs and my wife wanted to rush the stage and give it to him. Well the stage was some 50 feet away from the front row and the drunk college kid crowd forced us to retreat back further and further from the stage. I suggested to ask the people all lined up near an entrance backstage (They all had what looked like backstage passes) to give it to Jack. I was pretty high off this bhang and had bad cottonmouth so I drank the rest of the bhang despite being way high. Meanwhile the show ends and my wife returns with a back stage after show party pass. She said someone in line gave it to her. So I hung out in line with my wife and the entire crowd cleared out. When it came to marching us all backstage I was discovered as not having a pass but because I was with my wife and kids they let me in. By the time I was feeling an extra bhang boost Jack Johnson comes out and we meet with him and then he goes out and gets his wife to see our kids. It was a great moment but certainly one where I really couldn't say much more than "thanks" to Jack. My kids were in heaven thinking how this is the way life is, you see a big show and afterwards you hang out with the musician. My wife and I were thinking who would believe this? And I like to think that Jack was stoked just to hear "thanks" and secretly wished he was as baked as I was.


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