Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hard Drug

So I gave up on coffee for my new years resolution, and I've been good about not drinking coffee and/or coffee related drinks. It's cool because I see coffee as such a hard drug that it is an empowering thing to do, that is stop drinking coffee. Once the weeklong brainsplitting headache subsides, (coffee withdrawal) you just never want to relive the pain, so it's easy to stay off it once you get over the first two weeks. Now my refraining from alcohol, on top of no coffee ,...I'm pretty much the person I used to be spooked of, sober and religious. Now I'm not religious, nor am I anywhere sober.
So I'm at this party full of professionals who all work hard and enjoy drinking to the point where there are no non-alcoholic beverages with the exception of club soda or tonic. So bored out of my mind, dying to get high, I hang at this party for an hour or so sober as can be. I start munching on these chocolate covered something or another when, after my fourth fistfull of these yummy chocolate goodies, I notice that they are chocolate covered COFFEE BEANS!!
Needless to say, I was unfazed by the bowl I smoked on the way home, or the bowl I smoked when I got home, or the handful of Kava Kava I swallowed at 2am. I think it took several days before all those beans got out of my system. Like I said it's a hard drug!


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