Monday, September 05, 2005

Listen to Pink Martini

Family on brownies creates this Independent film quality reality. Strange at times, quite entertaining overall, and nothing personal. Meanwhile, my dear wife is suffering from the wine induced relatives who know what you need, what you should be doing and exactly how you need to discipline your children. For full effect I put on Pink Martini full blast and share that I love everyone and that I'm grateful that there are people out there who love our children. I'm entertained but after the brief announcement, they go back to everyone talking and nobody listening. My wife comes to me and says, "how many brownies have you had?" I think she must have seen the dent I put in the bag of brownies or perhaps she thought I was getting too out there for the mainstream crowd. I reply, "In the last hour? or cumulative daily totals?"
That's the beauty of Visine, no one knows your high, especially if you are pro, and can take the wallop of a couple brownies in your system without fully losing your ability to make sense. The next thing I see is my dear wife popping a brownie down herself! Yikes! Babe! It was too late, another victim of the social comparison theory. Just because I eat three at a time doesn't mean anyone can handle one whole one. Que Sera Que Sera whatever will be will be. Within a half hour, my wife's defensive mechanisms relaxed as she laughed off the numerous family suggestions that would benefit her. In the end, we were baked silly and they were madly tanked and it made all the difference.


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