Monday, August 29, 2005

Hippie Speedball

Over the weekend I drank ginsing tonic and poppy tea. It was kind of like an herbal speedball. The best was taking bonghits while under the influence. Each bonghit was like a nitrious hit, complete over the top head rush, knees wobbling, etc,...I didn't really get that much higher, it was just the act of smoking and getting the insane headrushes which lured me into smoking a good portion of my herb. By Sunday morning I was wrecked, it sounded like I was getting a cold, I slept in and felt hungover. I took it easy until 3pm when I brewed up another batch of poppy tea and went to this party with live music. The music was slow and gooie, the folks were all kind, life couldn't have got much better as I looked beyond the artist into the canyon sunset, slowly turning red to indigo.


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