Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Herbs

I can't figure out if I'm sick or just strung out.

Now I can blog my new intake:
100mg of 5-Hydroxytryptophan (Supports serotonin synthesis)
3 Dropper full of Tincture of Pharma Kava (Promotes relaxation and reduces stress)
2 Dropper full of Tincture of St. John Wort (Promotes positive mood)
3 Dropper full of liquid Melatonin (The all-natural nightcap)

and one hit off the pipe,.....I can't seem to be able to spend a day off work and NOT think about work without getting high. Also it's very hard for me to drop the herb just like that but that is the direction. I want to be able to take it or leave it versus feel like that is the only thing that can make me feel present and pleasant.

It's going to be my new journey, let's see where it takes me, far it pretty much sucks!


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