Monday, September 26, 2005

What Makes You Sick Makes You Better

My wife really wanted me to go see this traveling Lama speak at night but I was still in the major funk. I even took a few bonghits in the middle of the day. It got me real high and although I was high I was feeling funky because I just couldn't make it cold turkey. I thought, I have no will power, I have been consumed by attachments, I'm going to have to live through this hell again and again until I can let it all go. How sad. Then when my wife left, I found myself falling back into grumpiness and irritability so I took another bonghit and that was it. My mood was elevated, I became real present with my kids needs, we played we laughed, we ate veggie hot dog cheese melts (a true stoners menu item). I told the boys exciting imaginative stories,...I felt good, like the best I've felt in three days. When my wife returned, I was in bliss eating popcorn with the little one who stayed awake. My wife returned in bliss having successfully meditated for the first time. And I told her good night and fell right to sleep just like the good ole days, I got a great night of uninterrupted sleep. I was back in love again.


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