Thursday, October 13, 2005

Burnt Bowls

The other night my dear wife suggested that I only take a hit or two and then see how that works. I explained that I was simply trying to clear the bowl so it wasn't so stinky stored away. Of course the bowl is quite a party bowl, and really I was trying to erase the stress of the day by finishing off the burnt bowl to pack a fresh one. I guess it illustrates the difference between use and abuse. I stopped after finishing the bowl, (about 7 good bts) and did not pack a fresh one as planned.
I got to thinking about packing bowls. I've seen people pack a one hitter, me on the otherhand prefers to fill it to the top and pack it tight so it burns like charcoal. I also felt awkward in social sessions where I would pack something and feel either like I'm bogarting trying to finish off what I started or disrespectful handing someone a burnt bowl Perhaps I'm lazy, I don't like picking off bits and pieces of buds to pack just the right amount, or perhaps I perceive the herb becoming lesser quality when molested in such a manner. In fact I usually pack any bowl in such a way that it takes a couple clogged hits before the action really begins.
It's like potato chips, I open the bag and I finish them. Sports drinks and quarts of juice, I open and finish them off in one session despite the fact they come with a cap.


Anonymous kgb420 said...

Don't feel guilty....smoke on....

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