Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Upon visiting my old stomping grounds of Santa Cruz, I found myself feeling foolish that all I packed for the trip was a bowl. Two days in Santa Cruz with only one bowl of herb should be made illegal. It wasn't too long ago that the bowl would have lasted about the time I took to get on the freeway. Then here it is, Wednesday morning and I haven't been high since late Sunday night when I returned from Santa Cruz late and all jacked up on tea. And I fall asleep just fine. I do crave getting high now and again (especially after stressful days at work) and I do jones for the day that my homeopathic Cannabis and the "I can smoke herb legally" certificate comes in the mail. But still I'm not following through with the jones. There has been a slight paradigm shift in the way I view the herb. I've always viewed herb as medicinal but now it's more like the thing I use when I can't go to sleep, or the thing I use when I'm grumpy and/or short on patience. Perhaps in the past I was proactive about ensuring domestic Tranquility by being high 24/7 now it's more "use as needed."
I still have been taking 5-HTP daily and throughout the day I use this tincture from the Herbpharm called, "Good Mood Tonic"- the title alone can create one! At night, chamomile tea, occasional Melatonin, and this product from Gaia Herbs "Sound Sleep" which is a combination of herbs: Valerian, Kava Kava, Passionflower, Cali Poppy, Skullcap and Hops.
The funniest thing is how I've been a bit more grounded and while still under stress, it doesn't seem like the sky is falling and everything is close to crumbling. Quite a shift.


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