Friday, November 04, 2005

A Beautiful Mind

I've been teased again to go to Amsterdam. This time it came in the form of an email from my wife with the message, "anytime you want to go- you are free!" $417 Round Trip! It's hard to justified the overall expense of a 5-7 day trip. I day dream throughout work, more stress, more leaning towards going, I think of it as pilgrimage an homage of sorts, a great must do in one's lifetime, another stamp in the passport documenting worldly travels, and in my case being a first timer an introduction to Europe, perhaps an excellent opportunity to create a documentary of the trip! Jahjahfue Visits Amsterdam (Feb 2006) . I even go as far as justifying it as a wonderful thing to look forward to and pull me through the school year. Whenever I stress I think about the scene from Cheech and Chong, where they are in Amsterdam ordering up ganja salad! I visualize, ..........................Then I get real high, light an insense and think,... Look I've hot boxed this entire computer room with an old school hand rolled spliff,...I'm chillin' to some phat Herbie Handcock (Nice, 21 July 1971),..Sweeeeeet I don't need Amsterdam, I can create one right now at a fraction of the costs and wait there is more,...I get to sleep in my own bed snuggling up to my wife and kids! Now with the money I saved by talking myself out of going I will buy another 300GB harddrive and continue downloading,....


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