Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Perception. I was thinking how I've gotten right back into being a regular after spending most of the weekend high on Bhang and coming straight home on a Monday to take bonghits prior to the Bhang kicking in. My wife comments, since you have been taking the 5-HTP and not drinking you have been real mellow and pleasant to be around. I replied, I was feeling like I was back on the habit of getting high all the time thanks to the recent harvest and freshness of the herb, and that while I'm not drinking it certainly takes an effort. Cannabis is a drug, a habit but when I use it and get high I see it differently. I see it as good medicine for my soul, while high I'm not depressed, I feel grateful, I'm not thinking about work, I'm being present, I'm not seeing my kids as misbehaving undisciplined ones, I see unbound playfulness. Perception.


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