Sunday, November 27, 2005

Swaggg Food Great Herb!

You know you have a problem when you buy so much herb that it forces your family to shop for groceries at places like Grocery Outlet and Food 4 Less. Instead of the wholesome organic meals created from our local Coop, we buy frozen pizza and frozen apple pie, chocolate chip cookie dough, whipped cream, and icecream (that's been melted and refrozen) for dessert and we still have money left over for balloons and party favors,...what's the occasion? A new fresh supply of herb delivered. Of course, the delivery charge was built into the 20 DVDs I traded for a garbage bag full of shake and trimmings from this recent harvest. I can't seem to get back to that place where I'm using herb as a medicine, either that or I've been really sick lately, vacations always do this to me. What does one like to do on vacation? Stay high, try to get higher, and drink pitchers, yes that's right pitchers of Green Tea. Alcohol is right there at my back door, luring me every chance she gets, but alcohol brings out the worse in me accordingly to my wife who has joined the circus of getting high, cranking up Bob Marley or Michael Franti and dancing silly with balloons and party favors everywhere. This morning, it looks like the day after New Years, I'm up early wondering how I will be able to deal with the garbage bag full of shake and what method should I begin to get high with. Smoking wears off but accomplishes the task right away, making Bhang takes time but can last well into the later part of the day. If this is the toughest decision that I will make today then it looks like a good day.


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