Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tweeker Encounter

My brother drug user told me yesterday that it was our one year anniversary blogging on this site. When I think back a year, I can't remember a thing, but I suspect that I was smoking a lot of herb and drinking. I know I was drinking because one of my new year's resolutions was not to have an open container and drive at the same time. In terms of sobering up, I drastically reduced my alcohol intake sometime around the spring incident,...drinking way too much and barfing the whole way home through downtown out the passenger window. I got so high last night that I was out by 8:15 only to wake up at 3 am and start working,...I got to capitalize on my moments of sobriety, granted if it were the weekend I would have already taken several bonghits and made bhang and it's not even 4am yet!
Last night, I was meeting my man to pay him from last month's hook up. We met at an ATM machine in a big parking lot. I parked only to have some woman drive up and give me a bunch of shit over that fact that she was going to park in the space I parked. No I didn't see her blinker, most people I know do not use their blinker to indicate that they are going to turn into a parking spot for crying out loud!! Now I had a hard day at work, and I thought the conversation was completely ridiculous, so I let her know to get over it! When out of the dark shadows of the parking lot, this short tweeker freaker comes out and says, "You want some of me!?! Don't be disrespecting women!!" and he kicks me!!! "Bring it on!" He is getting pumped up, then my man come up and says, "cool it you are way out of line!" and the guy pushes my man pretty hard. I'm standing thinking this shit is not really happening. Meanwhile I see the bitch woman, taking out money from the ATM and carrying on about how I shouldn't drive if I don't believe that one should blinker to park. It's fucking crazy, the guy comes at me again and this time when he goes to kick me, this weird reaction took place, I grabbed his leg as if to lift him up and knock him down. I let go thinking I don't want problems. Just then he reaches into his pocket, I'm thinking this is where he pulls out a gun or knife,..but fortunately it's a bluff, I think because nothing comes out and my man is right there protecting me like a big brother. Now I believe in many lives during ones lifetime, and something like that reminds of my distorted view, I think I died in the conflict but still had lives left so when the dude pulled out nothing it was all meant to be that way, had he pulled out something to kill us then I would have known that I ran out of lives. I jumped in my car and rolled down my window, smiled and said, "Happy Holidays" to my man. He laughed, then I drove by the tweeker, I yelled from the safety on my running vehicle, "FUCK YOU MAN!!". It set him off in the worse way, mean, but what a release.
The things you have to do to get herb, my man said that had it been a year ago he would have just kicked his tweeker-ass. I was freaking on the whole incident, when I got home, I got so stoned , hence the 8:15 bedtime!


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