Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lushing it Up in Thailand

I started the day with a pot of green tea. Took my tincture of GoodMood Tonic, 5 HTP, B multi-vitamin, Taurine, and good ole vitamin C. Then upon leaving for the day I popped a sleeping pill with a pain pill. Upon arrival to the first destination, I had a beer, I slammed it because we all were going to the beach. Once at the beach, I had a Pina Colada. We then took a boat to a private beach. I discovered that they were selling beer there so I had a beer and then went snorkeling in this most beautiful light blue water, white sand beach. It was sunny and warm, so afterward I went back for another beer to fish out a tall 22 oz beer from the cooler. I drank that down as our boat came back to pick us up. Once back at the first beach, we ordered food and cocktails. I drank two rum and cokes and by this time, I had indeed copped a nice buzz. After eating we returned to the first destination. I called to get picked up, while waiting I rooted around the refrigerator and freezer, only to find an sapphire, gin that is,....I then made a strong ass gin and tonic, made a salute to my good buddy DrugUser, who turned me on to the drink. The rest was a blur, I recall watching TV with my son, eating chocolate while my wife was getting a Thai message. Life couldn't have been better, then I woke up. Massive hangover and sunburnt to the max. I smiled it was all worth it!


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