Tuesday, January 10, 2006

10 Minute Tango with Ativan

The night before last, I ended up getting something like two hours sleep, due in part to getting my new satellite radio. So yesterday I was beat. Not only that, but I was starving and needed some serious sleep. JahJah sent me some of these pills that he was prescribed about a month ago. I hadn't really had a chance to test drive them yet so I thought I would take the opportunity to sample these babies and put them to the test while I cooked dinner. The doseage to take is one, so I took two just to make sure it worked. So I'm standing there chopping my vegetables and all of a sudden I'm starting to feel kinda spacey. Then the spacey turns to a wobbly feeling and within seconds I AM FUCKED UP!!! I can barely finish making dinner I'm so fucked up. I know I need to eat, especially when I took those pills on an empty stomach. My breathing is shallow and my eyes want to close like 5Lb weights are tied to my lids. Worried, I went into the living room and ran in place for a few seconds then went back into the kitchen and slapped my face, keeping me awake long enough to finish my cooking. As I began to chew the food, I realized, as I went through the motions of swallowing said food, I found I couldn't. It was like that muscular function was disconnected. I panicked as I started to choke on the food. Concentrate, concentrate!! I grasped the water on the table and chugged it, hoping that it would loosen the food in my throat. It did... I lived. After dinner I immediately and sluggishly walked as I melted into my bed. Within an hour of taking those pills I was gone. They were so potent that I even left the pills out on the bathroom sink in case I keeled over. Those damn pills are dangerously evil.

Tonight I smoked a bowl and knew I would be safe. Safer than all the beers, wine, brandy, bourbon, absinthe, champagne and other crap the holiday excess inspires. Prescription drugs kill. Legalize weed now.


Blogger jahjahfue said...

"too much of everything is just enough" Next time, keep in mind, where you got the pills from and his tolerance levels!!

6:10 PM  

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