Sunday, January 08, 2006

Karmic Ride

Sobriety is such a labor during the weekends. With my new found butter chunks adventures, I successfully ate ganja butter with carrot cake at 8:30 am and stayed high until 4:19pm. Tough call to make a minute later. I went out to a harmonica blow out show at Sierra Nevada. One would think I ate more butter before the show. Instead I drank a strong Earl Grey with tons of cream and sugar and took a cold shower just to sober up. My boss gifted me these tickets to a show that sounded stupid from the start. He was saving me a place at his table so I couldn't really get high. Instead I hit the local brew, Sierra Nevada. No matter how much I drank the music didn't get better,...I concluded that I do not like the blues, especially the blues harmonica. None the less, it was a gift and I made the most of it, copping a sleeply beer buzz and hitting the bong hard upon my return home. I just can't take the sobriety, it leads towards obsessive complusivity and/or just grumpiness. Right on, too high to type more.


Blogger The Reverend Dig said...

Kia ora and greetings,
I have just come across your blog and it rocks. As a proud poly-addict who knows all feelings are chemically induced if not consciously then unconsciously I commend the support you are giving to fellow functional wasters in the world. I am currently not enjoying my first break from weed in 15 years, due to new town supply issues not some born again growing up/giving up bullshit. Far from emerging from a foggy cloud into a world of clarity and activity, I feel I am becoming my parents and joining some puritanical bores club for the socially well-adjusted. Self medication is essential to keeping yourself ahead of the agents of mediocrity and all their evil self-help, self-righteous hyperbole.
I am worried that if this drought lasts as you say I might descend into obsessive/compulsive behaviour like voting,paying bills on time or joining committees. If it gets desperate I will have to go under the kitchen sink and alter my outlook by any means neccessary as even alcohol does not excite me, I need psychactivity and psychedelia not psychiatry!
Anyway,myself and a fellow band of chemicaly altered malcontent agents of dischord are operating in cyberspace, publishing the results of our deliciously delusional minds and railing against every idiocy perpetrated by the agents of mediocrity in our name. Please check it out and have a hit for me.
Learys Comet will be passing soon and when it does were all getting on board, you dig!

5:58 PM  

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