Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Little blurb on herb, no thrills with pills

I agree with Drug User, those pills were curiously strong. I purposely give them away so that my supply isn't great enough for me to either OD or get hooked. I too prefer smoking herb over everything, Oding on herb impossible,...I've tried and tried but it just doesn't happen. Last weekend I ate this potent herb butter which had me down for seven hours! But I'm still here to tell you about it. I also feel weird, giving away pills, because I somehow have a sense of liability, but I do it anyways because I hate to see any mind altering drug go to waste. In Thailand, I gobbled the pills down because they were legal and was a nice way to start the day off, it would keep me high until it was late enough to drink (anytime past noon). Now I'm back home, it's ice cold bong hits and butter chunks. And while it interferes with my work, it's meant to do so, otherwise I would come home after working 9 straight hours, and do more work at home. Last night I spent the whole evening playing with my kids, having fun and laughing hard,....I could have been sober, demanding to work and not be interrupted while my children grew to be men.


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