Saturday, January 14, 2006

Green Butter

Ganja butter. I've heard of putting into a brownie mix, spreading it on toast or getting creative with Goo balls. But straight up?!?! It's unheard of and it's ludicrous, until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, since my return from vacation I have been hitting the ganja butter. Not exactly straight up, I prefer the butter sanwiched between two chunks of chocolate (Ganja Truffle?), but I've hit it with just a banana, or a muffin, and even have tried it with tortilla chips! No matter how you eat it, you get the same results, perm-a-grin for five hours with one hell of an appetite. It feels a lot like the effects of bhang but without all the preparation, just break off a chunk and find an accompaniment. It's just that easy.


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