Saturday, April 08, 2006

Guys Night Out

It all started with the word that the guys would have the night together. Guys night out for married men with kids is huge! I'm thinking mass consumption while we talk about how not to beat our kids. One of the guys is my spiritual friend who leads our Dharma group and I admire him because he has the ability to get present without smoking herb, he mediates and chants daily. Heals people for a living and will occasionally smoke herb. My other friend is the guy I recently turned onto my man. I'm amazed to discover he smokes twice as much as me. My wife says I would probably smoke that much if I stayed at home. She is probably right. He is a stay at home dad who is working on his PhD. Goes out occasionally getting paid top dollar to make a presentation all of which automatically exempts him from all kinds of negative judgment.
I arrive pretty stoned at the house to discover that we weren't planning on going out, instead my friend has a nice fire blazing and wants to stretch while we hear from the Buddha friend. He asks me what I feel like doing. I say,"I would be happy with bonghits and green tea." He smiles a replies, "our Buddha friend wants it to be herb free and I want to respect that." I think shit man I got to get outta here! Buddha arrives shortly after and we share a little about how our weeks have gone. No alcohol, no herb I'm going crazy thinking about how much of a jonser I am. I was plotting my get away when suddenly Buddha says,"I thought you guys might want to partake in some herb, so I brought some." He reveals this dank homegrown red/green bud. We go out to the garage and puff steady while it's pouring rain outside.
Your life is a movie and it's anything you want to create, you live your life in co-creation,...After one hit himself the Buddha man is spilling massive wisdom and insight to the point it made my head hurt. My other friend keeps packing as if to get high enough to understand and fully appreciate the teaching. And at that very moment, I see myself in each one of them. Two paths to travel one leading towards spiritual enlightenment and the other towards stoneful ignorant bliss. We end the evening going back into the house and listening the Buddha stories in between jamming on guitar and drums. I couldn't believe it was already midnight, I tried to judge the evening but it just was,...Free of mental concepts. I was baked and enlightened all in one.


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