Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't Really Drink

So I go to this largely important meeting, knowing that afterward I can enjoy a nice spliff for the 20 minute ride home. After the meeting, my co workers suggest going to a bar, I reply, no thanks I don't really drink,....it's just not good for me. Really I had stronger desires to smoke the spliff solo. The funny thing was what I was saying and how I came across, I think left the coworker, thinking I'm either way too square or a former alcoholic. I get in my car and before I even hit the freeway, I open up the glass jar the spliff was in, and pull out this beautiful massive spliff, wet and unsmokable!! Evidently there was a tad of water in the jar that never dried out! So I do what most reasonable professionals would do, jam the spliff into the heater vent and crank the car heater on high. After about five minutes, I attempted to smoke it but found only the paper to be dry but not the herb. To make up for it all, when I got home, I took several bonghits and drank a half bottle of wine.


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