Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Doc in a Box or Wheeler and Dealer?

If they reviewed my history they would see that basically I come in for pain and leave usually with pain medication. I miss all follow ups, and only return when I have a new injury.
So I decide to hit the doc in a box after 10 days of being sick with lung congestion and a killer headache. I assume that they didn't review my records, because they didn't say anything like, "hey you never came back for that x ray, how is your hand?" Or perhaps they did because after a brief examine the doc prescribes me cough syrup which the doc mumbles in my ear, "This is good stuff, it's like two liquid vicodine in a tablespoon!" The doc was assuming of course, that I knew what Vicodine was, and I would be excited to hear the news of such strong cough syrup. It was a correct assumption, and I got so excited the see the multiple DO NOT labels on the bottle. (They are dares of course!) So I'm going to hit some wine and a couple bonghits before this swig of syrup kicks in, too bad I don't own any heavy machinery.


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