Monday, February 20, 2006


Still sick but with a week off work and nothing pressing, I made a batch of butter to keep me off the pain pills, which help my head but also make me loopy. I go to a mainstream fluorescent light supermarket high as a kite. I decide to cut to the chase, the first alien supermarket employee I see I hit up,"Say can you tell me where the cheesecloth is?" The man looks up from stocking the shelves, he is older than I thought and I notice a crooked eye. This makes me first think what the fuck is happening over there (the direction of the crooked eye), like I'm missing some alien abduction 45 degrees behind me. He says, "I'll walk over there." As I follow him, I wonder if the store is really pushing the customer service or the guy really doesn't know exactly where it is but has a hunch. Once we get there he looks one of his eye into my eyes and says, "What are you making?" Now I wasn't ready for this one. I visualize straining green butter through the cheesecloth. The ball of herb, the twisting cheesecloth and hot dripping green butter. "I don't know," I said, "I'm getting it for my wife." I leave the man and then get to thinking how odd it is for me to go to a store and just buy cheesecloth. I float up and down the aisles, but I can't find anything until I got to the produce where I found a couple of avocados and darted straight to the checkout. "Did you find everything alright?" I thought I found everything a little weird but to avoid small talk I replied, "yes." I pay and then I get "Would you like help out to your car?" from some college kid employee. Now for starters it's overkill on putting my stuff in a bag, and then ask me if I want help out, I had to draw the line. "No thanks, I think I got it."


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