Thursday, February 16, 2006

War on Hippies

You know when you get sick, like real sick where you feel high naturally, you don't eat but continue to shit, everything annoys you and you take 20 hour naps? This is beyond the "harvest hack" this illness is like something the CIA came up with their war on terror. I'm telling ya' I'm in rare form, and no amount of herb will take my edge off, in fact I resorted to pain pills and they just make me feel schizophrenic.

I came up with this plot about this cool peace loving guy who self medicates 24/7 in an effort to fend off the real Type A (asshole) dickhead. Slowly his battle loses so he turns to harder and harder stuff in an effort to spare his love ones from the real dude (Mr. A). His love ones in turn fear his ultimate demise and intervene, rehab allows the real self to emerge the victor and he comes out an asshole, bails on his friends and family and starts loathing the peace loving hippies.

So as I was saying sicknesses, make you more sick and you can't wait to get back to normal.


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