Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ramble On Rose

So not much new has been happening. The same, bonghits at night to come up with fantastic stories to tell my son and to be able to sleep well. I usually fall asleep while telling the farout stories. The whole oral tradition thing has been around long before print and TV, so I'm into it, it's like jazz, I'm not sure where I'm going but I can certainly get into details and all kinds of transitions and explorations. Yes I. On the weekends, I eat ganja butter on my toast, drink Bhang in the afternoon and take bonghits around bedtime, all the while, continually drinking green tea out of a quart size wide mouth mason jar! I put off important work, enjoy the moment with my family, go on field trips to plant nurseries and get into deep plant conversations with those who work there. They know their shit, one can learn a lot visiting a field trip. By Monday morning, I'm back at work, a location that everyone knows me but really no one knows me, it's like playing Ziggy Stardust at times and just as weird! My Monday bowel movements smell exactly like ganja, specifically the odor of making ganja butter with a ton of shake leaf. It's terribly funny to walk into your office to smell such a familiar odor, like, "Yo Yo I've been cooking it up in my office, it's been a stressful day, just gotta cook up my medicine!"


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