Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Friend

Two months ago I turned my new friend onto my man. Always a sketchy thing and rarely done, but my new friend is a family man like me who has two kids and a wife, and puffs a steady. I'm excited to meet someone like me but it's weird because the family knows me from my position at work first and as myself second, as a result, I'm a little guarded when we talk about consumption.
So not wanting to run out during this week, I call my man today. I wasn't going to call my new friend because I was concerned he may say something like, "You are getting more?!?! Dude I still have two months worth!" My man says my friend had just called. I thought, "wow what a cosmic connection, we are on the same pace!!" eventually we worked it work where he was going to get it directly from my man's house, I wasn't sure about that, I replied, "Let me see if that's cool." My new friend said,"I picked up some from his house three weeks ago!"


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