Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't Let Go

When things get stressful, I party. Well I basically party all the time because life is generally stressful. But when things get extra stressful I party more. So with turmoil at work I went back to drinking, first wine, then wine coolers, then margaritas, and verifying my sickness I drank a room temperature beer last night with the ganja butter slice of bread,....calling it dinner. My kids think the world of me as I spend countless hours playing, just playing, wrestling, reading books, and telling stories. I can't do that sober, my sober thoughts drive me to do things, but once I hit this certain level, I'm all about playing and being. We danced all night to reggae throwing t-shirts up in the air and catching them. The simplest things can bring such happiness. I'm not sure how to get out of this habit of drinking again but it is now in my blood again and seems to compete quite well with the last of my herb.
Here's a funny. I finally decided to let go of my Grateful Dead cassette collection, well over 100 cassette tapes, packed from house to house but long since unused as a result of the digital age and sites like This is hard for me to let go as I have had this collection for well over 15 years! So my wife puts the tape collection (for free-profiting from live music is a no no) on our local Craigslist,...again another cool site We get a ton of responses including a good friend of ours who didn't recognize that it was our listing. His response was I would like these, as I have a good friend who would really appreciate them. That good friend, it turns out, was me! I was tempted to give the collection to him and have it be returned to me as if that was the way it was supposed to be but I just couldn't. Let it go.


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