Sunday, June 04, 2006


While under the influence and suffering from Meningitis, I was able to make some notes of my observations and experiences.
The doctor calls and asks me how am I doing. I say a little back pain, he asks how did the morphine work? I thought he said hot water (under the influence of the morphine!) so I reply,"Oh yeah it felt good but it was short lived." He looks at me puzzled. I continue, "By the time I dry off I'm hurting again." He pauses then repeats, "The morphine, how was that?!?" I laugh buzzed out of my mind, hearing shit!
I float endlessly in my Ipod world, laying in bed for eight straight days, feeling no pain, going for mental rides, taking bonghits to curb the nausea. Cocteau Twins sound foreign and Herbie Handcock allows for a moth outside to turn into a flying pterodactyl, right before my eyes!
The first doctor was lame, sure he hooked me up with strong meds but the next guy gave me more time off work and stronger medications, I got to thinking what kind of qualities make for good doctors. The first doctor was so lame about calling me back that I wanted to play a joke on him. Have my wife answer and say,"oh the problem was solved,...he died."


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