Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Green Card Anyone?

Board Meeting night = late sober night

22 oz Local beer
4 bts

Notes: I was tired and really didn't feel like using
Highlight:Discovered a local doctor offering marijuana perscriptions along with a local herb bank in the next town over,...hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Stoney moment: trying to get the kids to bed and passing out myself.

Recipe: Bhang
Put fine ground herb in a cup of water and simmer for 10 minutes (making sure you don't evaporate the water completely!) Add fatty milk, I use soymilk at 3 grams of fat, but I think cows milk has more. I supplement with liquid Lecithin (sp?) used for binding bread together, actually a good brain food, it too is fatty and adds to fat which is the THC binding agent. simmer for 15 mins the longer the better as last as it's slow and doesn't evaporate the whole pot (you can tell this has happened before!). You can add fresh ginger, tea bags, etc, spice it up or develop the straight up taste which isn't that bad. Last thing is to strain it if you are into it, personally herb doesn't bother me but straining helps with drinking it. I eye about a joints worth of herb but I must warn you, it works and when you think about it, think about what it would be like to smoke this much instantly because that's how it feels. For the effort though I say joint minimum. The high comes on slow but can really rock you for about three-four hours. First time around try it at night, but as you become more experienced, try it first thing in the morning and you'll feel high way through lunch!


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