Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A JahJah Brownie Experience

JahJah - I am your biggest fan! You rock brother - I love reading your entries.
The other day I printed them out (from the past few months) and read them on my lunch break. I kept thinking to myself: DAMN, THIS GUY ROCKS!

Well -last Friday I went home and opened my freezer. In the freezer I had a few left over brownies (the special kind). I took the biggest one out and placed in on a plate and into the microwave. DING - then ate it. An hour or 2 later - whilst on the phone talking to a friend - the sizzle began. It was like a light drizzle - a pre-rain drizzle - raining on the inside of my head. I could feel it work it's magic. The conversation got worse and worse - till my buddy said "ummm ...okay man...uh, I'll talk to ya later."

By then it was raining inside my head. I got up and looked around the room. I asked myself that classic question: "Am I stoned enough?" - (which, if you have to ask that question, then you most likely are). Now, pay attention here: I don't usually get stoned - in fact it's very rare. And I could feel my brain teetering on the edge of self-evaluation-introspective-hell. So I was at a virtual fork in the road of the soul. One way: Hellish deep thoughts - the other way: Dub Delight. Of course I chose the Dub Delight dammit.
I found 2 great sources of fun dub music:
(1) an internet radio station called Dublab
(CLICK HERE FOR DUBLAB RADIO) although lately they haven't been playing dub - weird.

(2) a great podcast called PuffCast
- for podcast, if you know how to add it.

So yeah - I was baked. And it was fun dammit. I kept thinking - this is what JahJah is talkin about. I layed on my bed listening to DUB! And for those who don't understand what DUB is: CLICK HERE -->WHAT IS DUB MUSIC?

After a while I had the munchies - so I made a burrito and drenched it in hot sauce (mmm) - ate that with the last of the Pringles CheezUms. Then I made a funny commercial for Pringles CheezUms - which you can watch HERE. It was great fun. It was nice to experience this kind of THC perfection. This could be my new weekend fun. No more drinkin (since January), so fuck. Gotta have somethin. Gotta experience life to the fullest fucking degree. And pot has no hangover!

One thing that comes to mind, however - is: ...this was fun, but I was alone.
This may not be as fun while hanging out with others who are not "in-tune" - could be a drag.
I'll try it again this weekend and let you know. Anyways - here's to you JahJah - I raise my brownie to you.



Blogger jahjahfue said...

Yes-I So often have I exceeded the normal limits of consumption while being solo. In fact, once I tried taking several hits of acid and spent 10 hours hiking the back country of the Colorado Rockies. When it's just you and nature there really isn't a limit from my perspective, of course the sign saying "Caution Mountain Lion Area" certainly challenged my Think Good Thoughts Trip.

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