Wednesday, April 06, 2005


At work.
My job's contract runs out in 2 weeks - gotta find another shitty job. I love shitty jobs. Great way to spend your time and energy (and get paid peanuts for it too - I love it). Anyways, thought I'd kill some time and check in with you guys. JAHJAH is rockin this blog! I love reading your posts man.

Where are the others?
I need to write more on here.

I'm still sober by the way. I know. Amazing. I'm on 70 days now. I'm quite used to it at this point. I can go out to bars & clubs and drink water while everyone gets smashed. It's really remarkable how fast people get wasted. I've been watching them go from Zero to Shitty in about 20 minutes or less. Most people cannot imagine what it's like to hang out with people while they get drunk & you stay sober. The conversation gets very boring - very fast. It sometimes makes me think: "Damn, here I am stuck in reality."

One thing for sure - my interests have become more important. By that I mean my "hobbies" such as Writing, Music, Digital Film. I bought a DVD burner for my Mac a few days ago & I've been obsessed with it. Also, I gotta get a fucking bike! New York City is so much more fun on a bike.

Damn I'm bored at work. Shitty dead-end jobs.

NEWS FLASH: My girl did not get transferred to LA. Therefore I will be staying in New York for the time being. And thats actually OK with me. I'm really enjoying New York lately. I'm completely obsessed with the history of New York. I walk around and see these buildings from the 1830's (some even older) I love it.



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