Thursday, March 17, 2005

Still sober (after 7 weeks)

Hey all,

I'm still Rokken like Dokken.
Still Sober.
Sorry - I've been missing lately. I've been doing more lately since I stopped drinking.
(Gotta do something with myself)

Do I miss it? Yeah. I was good at drinking. I could just keep drinking until I passed out or the world ran out of alcohol... which ever came first.

But I feel like this is a tattoo. This choice I made to stop drinking.
I'm going to these Agnostic AA meetings every Wednesday night in the Upper East Side. I love that group. The stories they tell. I should write 'em down in here for you guys (change the names for privacy reasons). Some of the stories are intense, powerful, and dark. Some are silly. They want me to speak soon on my 90 days. I will. I think it's gonna fuck them up though. My story is by far the darkest.

Well I gotta get to bed.
DRUG USER and JAHJAHFUE - I miss ya guys. WRITE MORE (everyone).



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