Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well. What can I say? It's late & I'm drinking a glass of hot Theraflu.
Yeah Theraflu. Fighting a cold.
It's snowing outside (blizzard actually). It's nice. Beautiful. I love when it snows at night. There's this peaceful quiet sensation of a giant white mass falling softly from the black sky - while everyone sleeps - toasted under the covers.

I have something big to tell you guys.

I even started going to agnostic AA meetings.
I go to a meeting on the upper east side - every wednesday night.
Yes, it is a lot like Fight Club.
And No, I don't cry into the tits of a fat guy.

It's been 1 month and 2 days.
That last post of mine was the last night with Bukowski's blood.

What I thought was SAKE that night was actually Japanese Vodka - nasty as hell. That shit fucked me up. I blacked out hard.
While blacked out - I went to the store downstairs and bought ANOTHER 22 oz beer. Then when I woke up, it was 9 and I was due at work.
So I called in sick - and spent the rest of the day throwing up.

In short - this almost cost me my job AND my girlfriend.
So I decided to quit drinking. And I did.
How is it?... It's quite nice, actually. There's this new frame of mind I have. In order to reach that "threshold" of madness I used to achieve through drinking - now I have to find it naturally - and I do.
My mind has changed a bit.

Anyways - I gotta go to bed.
I just wanted to post a little something and tell you about my NEW MADNESS.
Crazy thought = we were all kids once, and we didn't need to get drunk or take drugs.



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