Sunday, January 23, 2005

even water could be considered a drug

hey JAHJAHFUE - no resolutions for me. They suck. Although one year I did make one: "This year I want to get shot by the police". And it almost happened! One night (back in high school) I was taking my buddy home and I noticed I didnt have much gas left (and we were both broke). So I decided to stop by my house and use my mom's car. So we stopped and swapped cars. We had been smokin reef all night and we were plenty stoned. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that a lone cop car had just sped up to get behind me. Of course I thought I was just stoned and paranoid, but I was wrong. Three more HB cop cars sped up to join the hunt. Suddenly lights. My buddy looked at me and said "Shit! Fuck! I have a few sheets of acid in my fuckin wallet! We're toast!". I told him "Calm down, Calm down. Just let me do the talking."
We Pulled over and 4 cop cars came rushing into position. Bright lights shining on us and I heard a few cops get out of the car, but yet nobody came over to talk to me. Strange I thought. Then the loudspeaker "Put your hands above your head. Now slowly open your doors and get out slowly with your hands on your head. Do not take your hands off of your head!" So we got out and I glanced over to see my buddy's freaked face. I smiled. I thought this was great. These assholes had no right to do this. I heard one or two shotguns get pumped and a morbid thought ran through my mind: Wow! I'm going to get my new years resolution. Get shot by the police! The loudspeaker again "Get down on the ground and keep your hands on your head!" So we did, but I fell slightly to the right and caught my fall with my right hand. That freaked the cops out and they came running up to me screaming "Don't Fuckin Move!" Then I felt a knee slam into the back of my neck and several demonic hands holding me down on the street. Then the sound of 'chkchk-chkchk' as they close the cuffs....[hold on time out from the story - my AMBIEN just kicked in like a mutherfucker}} ;;;;; ; ; ; I feel looped now....and the white keyboard i'm typing with has just become this beautiful blue and white with soft colors of pastel shadows....hmmmmm OK nothing is making much sense right now......guess i gotta go to bed. yep....I'll continue the story tomorrow...................



Blogger David P Bennett said...

you better finish the story, it was just getting good....

2:44 PM  
Blogger jahjahfue said...

That reminds me of a night in Compton when I was in High School, having the cops do the same (guns in your face, with a freaky surrealism going on) and then cite my friend for a fucking burnt out tail light!

11:14 PM  

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