Wednesday, January 19, 2005

cant get drunk

Yesterday I bought a 40 oz beer - drank the fucker - and nothing happened!! What the fuck ya know? It's sad. If I wanna get drunk - then I gotta have a hangover the next day I guess. Wine gives me a headache. Hard drinks make me barf. Beer has no hangover, but takes 300 gallons to get me anywhere. Am I really back to where I started? Am I really gonna go back to drinking 3 forty's a day? SHIT.

It's 2:20pm and I wanna get drunk.
I don't think I will though.
We need more druggies and drunks to post on this blog.
Shall we invite others?

=== dear Drug User - sorry about your sister. I know a bit about all that. ===


Blogger jahjahfue said...

I can relate to that! I can't get high without taking 40 plus bong hits or making a strong batch of ganja food.

7:42 AM  

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