Monday, January 24, 2005

6 beers at RUDY's BAR and a 22 at home


Wild night tonight. Worked (boring) then went to my new favorite bar called RUDY'S on 9th ave. and 44th St. (Hell's Kitchen). Wild night. Still going. DAMN I'm outta beer!!! FOCK. Hold on gotta get some SAKE now - only thing left.....

Damn that was nasty! Tasted like VODKA - nasty! A friend of my girlfriends gave that to me. NASTY.

Anyways. Went to RUDY's tonight. I love RUDY's bar. I feel good there. I feel a strange sensation that one of my best friends (TIM) who died in Feb 2000 is there at that bar with me. Here's why: whenever I go there, it's crowded and yet - nobody sits next to me on my left hand side. Nobody asks to sit there - and nobody sits there. It's as if TIM was sitting there. I can almost feel him drinkin next to me. Sayin "RENO, get us 5 more beers.. each" He called me RENO for reasons unknown.

The Bartender is a sweet old woman named JOYCE. She bought ME a beer tonight! How's that for progress?

So tonight I sat there at my spot with TIM's ghost - reading my new book "This is Burning Man" by Brian Doherty (whom I think I met - once upon a time in Oakland). Great book! Really. I was weary of reading it, but I must say - good book and a good portrait of what Burning Man was and could be.

GOD I love Burning Man! There is no other spiritual experience I know.

If you fuckers are not going this year - than FUCK YOU
I'm tryin to put together a DUDE RANCH out at Burning Man. Dudes only. In the Indian ritual sense.
We live - we cook - we eat food cooked with butter pot - we smoke pot - we drink beer - we explore the Playa in all directions and where it takes us - we're MEN god dammit! We drink... We smoke pot.... we talk as we make food (goood food no less - as I will be the chef) and we explore our nature and our crazy will - and each day we come unwound and more unwound....And thats the camp I want. Fuck women. We love 'em, and hell they are sexy as fuck- but we gotta come together as men and void ourselves of sexuality and get into the unexplored reagions of the mind, body, and spirit - drown in it!!! . And this you can only find while SOLO in the night desert - under the full moon. Unless you know what I mean - shut up and plan to go with me!!!! and prepare to have your fuckin mind blown - prepare to cry to the moonlight and say that you're sorry - YOU'RE SORRY for being such a child. The stars are so beautiful and powerful. There is a humble experience awaiting you, Each and every one of us men should be brought to tears at one time or another in order to understand the true beauty and pain between male and females......and through this.......through the end...... remember your experience. of love hate joy sufferring, cold, hungry, loneley self - innocent in the cold dust storm.... looking for sensual , sssexual, intellectual, phylisophical, radical CONVERSATION!!!!

OK - I'n gonna continue my story below..... look below to read the rest of the HB cop story.....



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