Wednesday, January 12, 2005

10 million gallons of beer

Tonight is fun. I gave in.
I bought a 22 oz beer (Corona). Drank it. Nothing happened.
Then I went back downstairs and bought a 40 oz Bud.
That did the trick.

So now I'm chatting with DRUG USER & my buddy ASH.
ASH has a hang over from a 36 hour binge.
...hold on - I gotta piss............................

I invited him to this Blog - hopefully he'll join.

Shit - I just ran out of words......fuck.
I'm bored with everything lately. Is this normal? Is everyone feeling this way? Or am I just getting older? Is the world losing it's charm or am I just used to being alive? Hate my job. Hate being poor all the time. Hate my fat diet. Hate the news. Hate people who talk of modern pop culture. Hate my boss.

I'm bored. So I drink. What a waste. I could really "do things" - but yet I waste myself away drinking and fighting a serious case of insomnia. Funny. I read this book lately called "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk. I was dissapointed with it, but there was this one character in it (Denny) who caught my attention. The fact that he collected giant rocks and then built a giant structure from it in order to feel like he had "done something" with his life. It's a little sick how almost every one of us feels like we gotta "do something" with our time. I love doing nothing. Proving nothing. Feeling nothing. It's a rebellion against anything. "What a waste" some might say. Well, that's life. I might as well get wasted.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow....and deal with my asshole boss.......


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