Monday, December 13, 2004

Saturday Sake

Saturday I woke up - kicked ass (studied) then drank a 24oz bottle of Sake (Chilled). I pounded it quick on an empty stomach.

Then I had to get my ass to the airport (LGA) to meet my girl. I don't even remember getting on the bus - but I made it there. Then we got home & took a bath with candles. I had to get out of the tub due to spinning dizzyness (I know, very romantic).

Last thing I recall of that evening was passing out on the bed while looking up at the ceiling. I was watching the ceiling fan & I could have sworn that it was moving (not me). UUUUUUGH.

Woke up at 6am. Dry mouth & pounding headache.
Went to the kitchen and ate 4 ibuprofen - then jumped in the hot shower for an hour. Tried to sleep - couldn't. Pounding headache. Hot flashes. Sickness.

Got up. took 2 more Ibuprofen. Took another hot shower for 1 hour.
Went to Burger King to eat fries (that's the only thing that sounded good at the time). Went home and paced around whilst moaning. Then my girl dragged me in to Manhattan to do some Xmas shopping (I know, I'm tough).

Got home. Made pasta & steamed veggies. Watched a stand-up comic on DVD.
Laughed with my girl while she drank wine & I drank water.
The night progressed.

Midnight: my girl asks me "Honey, did you take your pill yet?"

[stop the movie]
--- I take AMBIEN to sleep. I have extreme insomnia ----
[resume the movie]

ME: "No, not yet. I should. I should go to bed."
SHE: "Could you wait a little while?" (this is her way of asking for sex)
ME: "Um, okay."

20 minutes later...we're in bed

She lights candles. She pours herself another glass of wine (this could be her 5th). She gets in to bed with me. I put down my 'How to speak Japanese' book. She cuddles up to me. My stomach feels rotten. My lack of enthusiasm prompts her to say "You don't feel good, huh?"
ME: "No"
SHE: "Okay, I'm gonna go read."

[inside my mind I'm thinking of the 300,000 times I've wanted to rip her clothes off & she has said something to the effect of "not tonight, I'm not feeling well" - causing me to go to the bathroom & grab my hidden supply of Astroglide & service myself. So in this moment - I do not feel bad for her]

ME: "Okay, good night"
She blows out the candles & grabs her wine & her book. She heads into the living room. I pop the AMBIEN pill into my mouth and roll over & wait for sleep to engulf me.................................................................................

..........and it does!!! [however, this is not the end]

I'm awoken by the sound of the bedroom door.
A drunk girl makes a lot of noise getting into bed.
She get's under the covers & grabs me. She says into my ear "Let's have sex!".

ME: "Babe, I'm tryin to sleep dammit. You woke me up!"
SHE: "Rrrrrr" (mumble mumble)

I turn over.
She turns over.

First thing to enter my mind: TAKE ANOTHER AMBIEN RIGHT NOW!
But I don't - and I should have.Second thing to enter my mind: I reconsider her offer. I turn back around to go in for the kill and "ZZZZZZzzzzzzz" - she's out like a light. I toss and turn for the remaining hours until the alarm goes off. I should have taken another fuckin AMBIEN...

Morning. Coffee. Subway ride to work. Here. Now.
That's all for now.


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